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    Comparison is the thief of joy – and yet we all do it

    Comparison is the thief of joy, I’ve heard that numerous times and I believe this to be true. But then why is it still do damn (excuse my french) hard to not do this?! Especially when my self esteem is low, I will compare myself with anyone…about any little thing. My hair, my looks, what […] Read more…

  • Decorating on a budget: clothing rack from ikea

    Decorating on a budget: clothes rack

    Hi guys! Everyone one who knows me, knows my love for interior decorating and bargains. So this blogpost will be no surprise for those of you! 😀 I went to IKEA today with mr.googel to return something and of course I couldn’t resist but to have a little look in the ‘AS IS’ area. Which […] Read more…


  • DIY your own terrarium

    Plant obsession: DIY terrarium

    So, lately I’ve been a teeny tiny bit plant obsessed (forget the teeny tiny, I’m a BIG bit obsessed). And I’ve been trying to buy more and more plants for our house, because you know it’s healthy for you and stuff. 🙂 Read more…

  • DIY pallet daybed

    5 DIY’s with pallets

    Doing a DIY with pallets is a really cheap and eco friendly way to make your own awesome furniture. Pallets are often used and then put on the side of the road as trash. Where we can pick them up and give them a new live, as a beloved part of our interior or exterior. […] Read more…


  • Recipe for coconut bliss balls

    Coconut bliss balls

    Eating is pretty much one of my favourite things to do in life, but since I’m also trying to get that killer body (well, maybe not a killer body but at least a little bit skinnier than I am now) I have to pay attention to what I’m eating. Also, not a fan of processed […] Read more…

  • Zucchini noodles - Pesto zoodles

    Pesto zucchini noodles (Zoodles)

    So yeah, got this huuuuuuuuge zucchini yesterday at a local park for only 20 cents! I know, I know.. bigger is not always better with zucchinis, but I was going to juice it anyway so didn’t care. But, friends were about to come over and didn’t have any ideas for our food yet and remembered […] Read more…

Design on a budget

  • Urban jungle in my house!

    Design on a budget: Urban jungle

    I’m not a big fan of plants in my house, but lately i’ve seen so many beautiful photos on Instagram of plants and the most gorgeous pots for them that I wanted it too. But, as you know i’m on a budget so no money for all those awesome (read: muy expensivo!) pots… Read more…

  • black and white house

    Design on a budget: Thrifting

    Like some of you might know, I looooove going to thrift shops and flea markets. I love the feeling you get when you see this gem hidden amongst the kitschy stuff they sometimes have in thrift shops! Read more…