I’m not a big fan of plants in my house, but lately i’ve seen so many beautiful photos on Instagram of plants and the most gorgeous pots for them that I wanted it too.
But, as you know i’m on a budget so no money for all those awesome (read: muy expensivo!) pots…


So, on to the thrift shop! I was lucky to find the two cute ones with the high base, and I added some cups en other pots I still had and voila!
My very own urban jungle, and because I put some bulbs in them it gives that spring feeling which I love so much!

And, when they’re done blooming and all sad and gloomy i’ll just gonna put them in my garden, easy as. So I can enjoy them next year when they come up again and again! Cause that’s what I hate the most, buying a plant (because it’s an Instagram hit :P) and then you have to keep it for a long time or toss it…but throwing away is not my thing poor plant.. I just can’t seem to throw a living thing away..can you?

You can also buy pots and give them an updated look with a porcelain pen, put quotes on them or just some random figures.

Anyway, time to go…but one question, do you follow me on Bloglovin’ already? Please do, so you won’t miss any updates here! 😉

Love M

DSC_1588 DSC_1587

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