I was so sick of my white walls, I know I know I love white but sometimes you need a little bit more texture in your home. I needed that in my bedroom.

But I couldn’t decide what to do or what colour. Then I saw this add on marktplaats (a site where you can sell and buy mostly secondhand stuff) if a girl who used only a little bit of a bucket of light grey paint and offered the rest for only 8 euros. I was happy cause paint costs a lot, especially when you want to buy a good quality brand and this was one. Aaaaand I’m on a budget like you know, so sadly no money to do an expensive makeover. I bought a block brush at a super duper cheap store and went to work. I just sort of stroked/brushed the wall but not so that it filled up everything g with grey. There are a lot of white spots in between the grey that’s how you get the unfinished look. I like it, you too?


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