Yesterday I went to the press event to present Uashmama’s(pronounce as ‘washmama’) new collection, organized by Moes & Griet. They’re the distributeur of Uashmama to the Benelux.


It took place in Hotel not hotel, and awesome hotel/hostel (i’m not even sure) which had rooms made out of old tram carts or hidden behind bookcases. It was the perfect setting for Uashmama.Uashmama

Moes & Griet told us a little bit about the process of making Uashmama paper. And that’s pretty much the same way as leather is treated and that’s why it has the texture it has. It’s made without any chemicals and also the colouring is only done with natural dyes. And it’s made from 100% natural fibers, coming from trees they grow especially for this purpose and the same they use for making or regular paper.

I loved seeing everything! Always loved their paper bags, just to put a little plant in or pens or whatever you want. But now they have backpacks too, and aprons and and…it was lovely and I wish I could’ve bought everything hihi!

Some more pictures for you to enjoy:UashmamaUashmamaUashmama
Love M.

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