Hi guys,
As you know i’m trying to get more ‘green’, eat healthier and organic(er) and overall just live with a lesser impact on the environment in mind.

KRNWTR bottle

That’s why I was happily surprised when I discovered KRNWTR (tap water without the vowels :D).
Did you know we throw out 500.000 plastic bottles a day in the Netherlands? And most of them are from bottled water, while our water is one of the best in the world. Yes I said it, IN THE WORLD!

And did you know that bottled water is also 500 to a 1000 times more expensive than tap water! What?! And also more expensive than a liter on petrol…yep let that sink in… more expensive than the stuff that makes your car drive….Jeeeez!

Anyway, lots of reasons and more check all the facts here to start drinking tap water (if you didn’t already do that, if you did Hooray for you! And you should still buy their products, because they’re awesome!)

KRNWTR bottle

They even made a map and app where you can see which restaurant/bar/coffee shop joined their battle against bottled water.

And like they’re not cool enough, KRNWTR also make these rvs bottles and glass decanters too. I got this black and white one, which of course fits perfectly with the rest of my stuff. 😀 (they even send me a sports cap, so it’s easier to drink from when working out, oh yeah working out in style!)

KRNWTR bottle

So, not only are you helping the environment and the world we live in. You also will look super cool with these bottles 😀 Check out KRNWTR here.

Have an awesome day!
Love M.

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