Lover of Dutch design as I am, I fell in love with the beautiful clock named ‘clork’ (cork+clock) by Ilias Ernst for Puik Art.

PuikArt Clork Ilias Ernst

Let me tell you a little bit about Puik Art. Puik Art is a brand that works together with young Dutch designers to create awesome products, concepts and interiors. They want to tell the story behind the products you see in magazines, like what happens after the product being a prototype? And how and where is it made?.. I really like knowing some background info about a product I buy so for me that’s definitely a plus!

PuikArt Clork Ilias Ernst

The cork that ‘clork’ is made of is cut from a massive piece of cork, and the shape is finished by hand. So a real Dutch designed, handmade product! And it comes in two varieties, a natural cork coloured one and this one in black.

As Ilias Ernst says on his website: “Time rolls on, but once in a while you need to stand still. Clork does not present a full circle, it has an edge that stabilizes you for the moment.”

If you want to buy something pretty from Puik Art, from today (June 19th) you can buy their products at the Bijenkorf! For the Puik Art website click HERE.

PuikArt Clork Ilias Ernst

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