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You probably know fonQ.nl from the commercials on tv, but have you ever been to their website? Oh em gee they got loads!

According to the Q+A section on the fonQ.nl website, they got 40.000 (design) products! And it’s all gorgeous and design….*drooling*.

The company started in 2003 and quickly grew to the business it is now, with stores in France, Belgium and Germany. So, when they offered for me to do a product review of this gorgeous Design letters multi jar I just had so say….YES!

Design letters multi jar fonq.nl

It surprised me to read that Design letters only started in 2009 with the wooden letters we see so much nowadays and only started selling their design homeware in 2011. Well done, design letters, well done…

Design letters multi jar fonq.nl

You cannot open Instagram without seeing something of that gorgeous brand, interior fanatics with the homeware, mommy bloggers with the kiddie blocks and foodies with the dish towels.. they’re everywhere! (at least that’s what I’m experiencing)

Anyway, I love that you can use this lovely jar not only for keeping stuff safe but also as a vase, straw holder maybe but your candles in there that you think are pretty? Pretty much everything you put in there, will turn in a head turning design piece. 🙂

Inspired and want to buy this Design letter multi jar or something else from Design letters for yourself? Check out fonQ.nl

Love M.

Clock ‘clork’ from Puik art.
Poster ‘Haarlem’ from Anne H Copenhagen.
Notebook from Design letters via Kleuroptafel.
Hammam towel from Action Nederland.
Dotted table cloth from Kitsch kitchen.

DSC_2872Design letters multi jar fonq.nl

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