As  promised, here’s the second part of my day at Showup 2015.

Showup 2015

Boskke makes these awesome upside down hanging pots, you can just water the plant from the top. There’s a special system in there that makes sure it’s watering the plant with drops and not a load of water so no worries about water coming out from the bottom. Also, no earth will fall out due to a special ‘filter’ that’s on top of the earth.

DSC_3107 DSC_3108

Last year I spotted this brand already, Papette. With their beautifully postcards and paper goods. They’re also the loveliest girls ever! Belgium rules!Showup 2015 Studio snowpuppeI was totally in looooove with this clock! How gorgeous is it! Especially like the fact that it has a clapper that’s just for the sake of being pretty 😀 This clock and the objects on the photo below are made by Federica Bubani.
Showup 2015 Studio snowpuppeShowup 2015 meraki cosmeticsI really like it when a brand looks sleak and clean, and Meraki definitely makes that happen. Gorgeous!showup 2015 lile sadi showup 2015 lile sadi

A new brand (for me) was Lile Sadi. But I pretty much said they could bag it all, they got so many awesome products! Especially loves this blanket and the pillow cases. (which I can take in my suitcase for you who are saying I can’t buy anything! :p) showup bee meubels showup bee meubelsLovely plant bench and lamps by Bee meubels.Showup puc tassenThe thing that’s highest on my wannahave list: the puc backpack, now in a mini edtition!!!
Showup PUC tassenMore gorgeousness in cork by PUC.

showup hammmam34

I’m in love with hammam towels, they’re small in your bag, light and dry super quickly. Hammam34 makes gorgeous ones and new are throws for on the bed or couch. (or wherever you want them of course)

showup jewelry

Psst, mr. googels! If you’re reading this…it’s ehm almost my birthday remember 😉 Awesome geometric jewelry by Danielle Vroemen at DV jewellery.

showup ogreen

Ogreen is all about air purifiers in a jar. They select plants that are big shots when it comes to air purification and are all sustainably grown. More about them later, also got a plant for them that’s now being pretty in the bedroom!

showup bags

Whoopsie, this might be a good contender to a first place on my wannahave list…(obvious I have a bag fetish right?) The gorgeous bags by Zand erover. Really like the minimalistic design. 
showup mooi door mij

By mooi door mij these pretty plates, I really like how imperfect they are and I love the story behind them. They’re made by people with disabilities at a day care center.

showup riverstones showup riverstone

And again, last but not at all least. Riverstones jewels! Already got the cutest bracelet from them, but my eyes fell on these gorgeous earrings with geometrical shape in front with long dangler in the back. Lovely aren’t they?

Wow, still not all my photos are here….but I think it’s enough. Did you enjoy my blog? Leave a comment in you like here or on Instagram to let me know!

xx Mariandel

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