Some time ago I went on a daytrip to Münster, Germany. No reason, just because we could. (it was when Nic was still over here and I wanted to show him a little bit more of Europe) It’s pretty close, just 2,5 hours max and boom! you’re in Germany.

The first shop I saw when stepping outside of the parking garage was this one, called One day in Copenhagen. Sadly I couldn’t find any link or adress but I’m pretty sure it was in a street called Rothenburg.
Shopping in Munster

Shopping in Munster Shopping in Munster

On the opposite side of the street there’s a Liebeskind Berlin, I especially looove their bags! They’re so pretty! (Rothenburg 51, Münster)Shopping in Munster

We had delicious coffee (and fritz kola!) at Kochhaus. It was a mix between a coffee shop/super market but the concept was that they already picked a recipe and on the table there were all the ingredients you would need in the exact amount. So no thinking about what to cook! And It also said for how many people, which course it would be etc.
Kochhaus Münster
Windthorststraße 68
48143 Münster

Shopping in MunsterShopping in Munster

Next up, Estella Kochlust. A shop full of everything you might need in the kitchen. And with loads of our favourite brands!
Estella KochLust GmbH
Königsstraße 35–36
48143 Münster
Shopping in munsterOne of the last shops I went into, is the gorgeous shop called Kauf dich glücklich. Oh, this shop made me so happy! I felt like I was back in Berlin (FYI Berlin is my favourite city in the WORLD) so many gorgeous clothes, shoes, houseware….sigh. Can I go back now please?Spiekerhof 38, 48143 MünsterShopping in munster DSC_3856 Shopping in munster Shopping in munsterAlso fun to check out:

Krawummel (organic food)
Ludgeristrasse 62

Depot (homeware)
Ludgeriestraße 76-78
48143 Münster

Nanu-nanu (homeware)
Ludgeristraße 37
48143 Münster

Curantus (beauty)
Spiekerhof 39
48143 Münster

Homeline (home & gifts)
Windhorststraße 32
48143 Münster

That’s it, I had a lovely day in Münster and hope you will too!
If you have tips for shops or fun things to do, please share them in the comments.
Have a wonderful day.

Love Mariandel

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