There’s a new hotspot in my (former) hometown, by Lima. And I loooooooooves it!

Hotspot in Haarlem, by Lima

All about honest, organic and healthy. And if you have any allergies, like me with my gluten intolerance…they have loooads of stuff to order! (hallelujah!)Hotspot in Haarlem, by Lima

I’ve been a couple of times now, and it only gets better…too bad I live too far away now to go there more often, otherwise I would be there pretty much every single day.

Hotspot in Haarlem, by Lima Hotspot in Haarlem, by Lima

By Lima
Zijlstraat 65
2011 TL Haarlem
Phone number 023-5762593

Opening hours
Every day from 08.00 till 20.00 uur


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