Sooooo, I know it’s almost Christmas. And you might not have enough time to finish this DIY before that. BUuuuT in my defense, I had to get used to my new surroundings and didn’t have much headspace left to think about blogging..(still don’t, to be honest) But here is another DIY just before Christmas, and you know what? It would still look cool after Christmas too.

You will need:

* Transfer paper for fabric
* Printer
* wooden slats
* Some kind of fabric (I used linen)
* Magnetic tape
* Screws with little eyes on them
* Some rope/twine to hang it with

DIY tree wall hanger First, print the tree print you like ( I found one on google) and cut it out. You don’t have to cut too precise, just so that there’s not too much white left.DIY tree wall hanger Read the instructions on the pack of transfer paper and transfer the print onto the piece of fabric you cut out.
DIY tree wall hanger Carefully peel the paper off. DIY tree wall hanger Screw the little eye screws in the top slat that will be the back one.DIY tree wall hanger Put the magnetic tape on all the insides of the slats. DIY tree wall hanger Attach some twine and put the fabric in by putting it between two slats. DIY tree wall hanger Hang it up, and you’re done! I even brought this with me to Australia, just in case we couldn’t get a Christmas tree. Even if you think that just the plain frame is too boring for you, Decorate the slats with something more Christmassy if you like. DIY tree wall hanger Hope you have a lovely day!DIY tree wall hanger 19

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