Almost time for me to go and fly off to see my love in Australia, but before that I have this cute little(as in easy, not little at all) DIY for you made with eucalyptus..(you see what I did there? A DIY with the Australian national tree? ;)) Haha sorry guys, I thought that was very clever of myself. Anyway, even if you don’t like Australia or anything eucalyptus smells soooo good when you have it just hanging around somewhere. First night I had it in my room I had a little cold, and felt so much better with it. No need for vapo rub!
DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas First you need a piece of wood in which you screw in two screws with a little eye and attach a piece of twine or string to it.DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas Then you sort the eucalyptus branches on length, biggest one in the middle and smaller ones on the side.
DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas Attach then to the wooden stick by wrapping copper wire around the branch and the stick, maken sure it’s tight so it won’t fall off.DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas Tadaaaa! You have your own DIY wall hanger. Doesn’t it look fancy? DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas If you like, you can follow me on Pinterest for you daily inspiration.
DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas

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