While I’m still waiting to hear anything about the house we lodged an application for, I’m browsing Pinterest for inspiration. And because I love making things myself plus the fact that my finances aren’t in the best state at the moment, (Moving to another country is not good for your savings account) I like to browse through the ‘DIY’ section.

Here are five DIY’s I found that are made with wood. I’m sooo gonna try all of these when I get a place of my own! (I can’t do anything with the place we’re staying at the moment, it’s quite dark, woody and colourful. Sorry in-laws!)

Anyway, let me know if you like them too. And don’t forget to show me when you made one of these!

Love, M

5 DIY's of woodWooden magazine stand by Passionshake

5 DIY's with woodMuuto dots DIY, can’t find the author of this sadly…

5 DIY's with woodDIY Desk organiser by Poppytalk

5 DIY's with woodWooden (toy/kitchen/tool) bins form The Merry thought

5 DIY's with woodAnd this amahzing day bed, by again The Merry thought

2 Comments on 5 DIY’s with wood

    • Mariandel
      19/03/2016 at 2:45 AM (3 jaar ago)

      That’s awesome! Pallets are cool for DIY’s indeed! Maybe for a next post I’ll write about them… xx


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