Doing a DIY with pallets is a really cheap and eco friendly way to make your own awesome furniture. Pallets are often used and then put on the side of the road as trash. Where we can pick them up and give them a new live, as a beloved part of our interior or exterior.

Like this daybed for example, isn’t it gorgeous? And by the looks of it, it’s suuuper easy! Just put some pallet down and pillows on top and BOOM you’ve got yourself a perfect hideaway from that busy outside world.DIY pallet daybed

Oh a swing….as a kid I used to have one in my room and would be swinging every day. It was soo much fun! Why not make an adult version of that?

DIY pallet swing

Gorgeous outside furniture from pallets…DIY pallet outdoor furniture A couch for the living the wheels!
DIY pallet couchAnd last but not least, make your own bed from pallets. When I get a house I think I might try that. Australians are very wasteful (sorry Aussie, but you are…don’t want to know what kind of pearls I found on the side of the road. And in perfect shape still!) and I see pallets everywhere so it’s going to be easy to find some and do some DIY.DIY pallet bed

All these DIY’s I found on Pallet furniture DIY and sadly couldn’t find the real makers of these DIY’s. If you are or know one, please let me know and I’ll give them credit for their awesome work! For more DIY’s on my website click here.

Love, M.

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