So, lately I’ve been a teeny tiny bit plant obsessed (forget the teeny tiny, I’m a BIG bit obsessed). And I’ve been trying to buy more and more plants for our house, because you know it’s healthy for you and stuff. 🙂DIY your own terrarium

So when mr Googel said he always wanted a little terrarium with plants I took it upon myself to make his dream come true…Oh how selfless I am! DIY your own terrarium

I found an empty mini fish tank at my new favourite “op shop” called the tip shop. Yes the place you bring your rubbish actually got a shop in it too and you can buy other people’s rubbish for almost nothing! yay! Soil I have on hand pretty much most of the time and the plants are from my own back yard. I’ve got a real life ‘fernery’ in there guys! Love it!

Anywaaaay, just put all three together and you have a terrarium.. boom! DIY your own terrarium

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