Hi guys! Thanks for coming 🙂

Wanted to give you a little update on how I’m doing here on the other side of the world. You’ve probably all seen my Instagram comments where I complain about being homesick and missing everyone and maybe you got curious on how I’m really doing here in Australia…Australian sunset scarborough beach Perth western Australia

I’ve been here for six months now, in that time the homesickness has gone down a little bit. But it’s still quite a culture shock to be here. People are, ehm…different here. Duh! Nice, but a little closed off to new people. They’re nice enough, but making new friends takes four times as long here than it does anywhere else I’ve been. Which makes it hard to be here sometimes.

I’ve had two jobs over here, waitressing in a restaurant and at the moment I’m still finishing my farm work. Yep, I actually work on a farm. A vegetable farm and that means getting up at 4am and driving all the way up to Gingin (about 1 hour and 20 mins for me) to pick veggies. Not the most fun job, but the farmer and his family are super nice, and according to some other backpackers I’m very lucky to have found such nice people. I’ve heard some real horror stories about the farm work others had to do. Oh and I’m doing this to extend my visa with another year, Australian immigration wants you to work 88 days in a rural area and then you can extend your visa. This is the easiest way to extend it without having to pay $10.000 or go through and extensive visa process. (which I will have to do anyway if I want to stay here, but that’s for later)Australian sky scarborough beach Perth Western Australia

Oh and you know what?…Australia gets cold…veeeeery COLD! Not the eternal sunshine and beach going like we always think it is. At the moment I’m under a blanket on the couch with the heater on full blast and it’s pouring with rain outside.

Anyway, still homesick, tired and a little bit stuck in a rut. Rant over now, on to happier things with a song about the wildlife here.

Love, Mariandel

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