Hi guys!

Everyone one who knows me, knows my love for interior decorating and bargains. So this blogpost will be no surprise for those of you! 😀

I went to IKEA today with mr.googel to return something and of course I couldn’t resist but to have a little look in the ‘AS IS’ area. Which is close to the registers so I didn’t have to do the whoooole round through the shop to get there #ikeahack

Decorating on a budget: clothing rack from ikea

And yeah, of course it was filled with all new stock and pretty much aaaaall the things I’ve wanted from there since they came out but ok, I’m on a budget so not too much shopping then. But, this clothing rack I just had to bring home with me…It was only 5 dollars!Decorating on a budget: clothing rack from ikea

I’m so happy, wanted a clothing rack for a while now but to find it for a bargain price like this….AWESOME! I am going to use it to plan outfits and just to highlight a few items of clothing that are really cool, yay! If you would like to purchase this item from our big swedish friend, it’s called Turbo clothing rack.

Hope you’re having as much of an awesome day as I am!
xx M

Decorating on a budget: clothing rack from ikea

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