Going offline, it’s all the hype right now to go a day/week or longer without your smartphone glued to your hands. I have to say, I hate and love it at the same time. I love not having the ‘burden’ of having to answer calls, messages and check out what happened on social media but I also really enjoy those things and I like being in touch with my loved ones on the other side of the world.

I recently joined a gym in the hopes it would give me some social contacts but what I saw when I was walking to nowhere on the treadmill is that every single person around me was on their mobile phone looking at some video or messaging. So, what did I do? I got my phone out, put some music on and ignored everything else around me like the good girl I am.

Even my boyfriend, whom I love dearly. He has this obsession with answering messages straight away, I guess it’s better than my ‘not answering at all’ strategy but it’s really annoying if you’re trying to talk and that evil box makes a noise and all of the sudden he can’t hear you because well yeah boys, they can’t do two things at the same time.

It makes me anxious, I constantly have the feeling I need to do something while that’s often not even true or the thing I ‘have to do’ is write a blog post or post on Instagram and yeah if I go on Instagram I really need to try and comment as much as I can because we have to keep the community alive and well, they comment on my posts right? But, I can’t even find the people or posts anymore because of the stupid new algorithm and now I’m to confused and angry at Mark Zuckerberg to even bother commenting and then I feel guilty for not commenting as much… See the vicious cycle here?

I real life I don’t know anyone that has actually done a ‘smart phone detox’ and I might have to consider going offline in the near future. But not yet…

xx M

Offline is the new black

2 Comments on Offline is the new black – unplugging

  1. Leigh Campbell
    04/11/2016 at 4:36 AM (2 jaar ago)

    At least once a week I decide I’m going on a digital detox and it never lasts more than a couple of hours, so I can seriously relate! In the past, I’ve had to force myself to delete apps just to reduce my social media intake! This post is definitely some food for thought – if everyone is plugged in all the time, will we lose the ability to make genuine human connection?

  2. Casey
    04/11/2016 at 6:51 AM (2 jaar ago)

    It’s hard to do, but rather refreshing! I think it’s probably more so about getting to the point where you don’t have to constantly check your phone or scroll through social media for no point other than to fill in time – particularly when you’re doing something else like watching a movie. Balance is the key 🙂


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