Hi guys!
I’ve said it here before, but I’m quite obsessed with podcasts and over the last couple of months I’ve become even more obsessed with watching vlogs on youtube.
To not constantly disturb mr. googel I use my Iphone earphones but if he’s playing games on his playstation I can stil. hear the moaning and groaning (weird monster games, don’t ask) coming from the tv so I really needed something different.

Then, as a Christmas miracle Sudio Sweden sent me some amazing earphones. Designed in Stockholm (like most awesome things) the name is a hommage to the Phil Collins song ‘sussudio‘.

You can get headphones or earphones and they come in a variety of colours. I got the white Vasa Blå with rose gold (duh! obsessed!) and they’re sooo nice! The packaging it comes in is nice and sleek and inside you can find a little white leather pouch to carry it in your bag in without damaging them and a rose gold clip to clip on your collar so you won’t actually lose them because they are cordless. 

Anyway, they work amazingly easy and are so good in cancelling noises that I really don’t hear anything that’s going on around me(hallelujah!). So no more disturbances when I’m watching my Zoella and Kate la vie vlogs!

To get your own Sudio Sweden earphones with a 15% discount you can use the code: googelsenvoozels at checkout!

xx M

1 Comment on My new obsession: Sudio Sweden earphones

  1. Jaimie
    04/01/2017 at 2:39 PM (2 jaar ago)

    Wat een mooie foto van jou! En jaaaaa! Jamie li!!!


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