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Last weekend I got invited to one of Plate and barrel’s long table dinners, this time with the theme ‘the fig drop’. As you may have guessed from that name, the key ingredient in all the dishes that evening was the fig. Since I love figs, and food I got to be there and enjoy the evening.

On arrival at Haló espresso we got greeted by the lovely Debbie and Karina, the mother-daughter duo behind Plate and barrel and the creative masterminds of the long table dinners. While drinking some bubbly wine there was some time to chat with the other guests that were coming in for the dinner.

When we went to sit down at the table, it was quite exciting who would be sitting next or opposite of you, since you are at a long table and the night will last for at least a couple of hours you hope it’s going to be someone nice and easy to chat with. I think everyone was lovely there but we were really glad with the young couple sitting opposite of us and after the dinner we said we would keep in touch so that will show you how it went 😉the fig drop - plate and barrel long table dinnerthe fig drop - plate and barrel long table dinner

The table was decorated beautifully with Debbie’s flower arrangements as the highlight on the tables. The whole place was very Instagram worthy which meant I took lots of photos during the whole night. There was live music from Adrian Hoffmann on guitar and the award winning chef of the long table dinners is Simon Reid.the fig drop - plate and barrel long table dinner

The entree was goats cheese pannacotta with pancetta and of course, figs. It was absolutely wonderful and Nic’s(the bf) favourite of the evening. the fig drop - plate and barrel long table dinner
Main (my personal fave) was a trio of pork belly, pork tenderloin and some sort of strudel with dried figs and a fig jus with it all. the fig drop - plate and barrel long table dinner

And dessert was a fig cake with caramel (tasted like wether’s original) icecream and cream. All the courses were paired with beautiful wines, even though I don’t drink I did try them and they were really really nice together with the food.the fig drop - plate and barrel long table dinner

I can honestly say this evening was one of the best night I’ve had in Perth so far, lovely people, lovely food and great atmosphere and I really suggest going to one of the future events!

The next event of Plate and barrel will be ‘a grape or two’ and you can get tickets here.

I hope you liked this, and let me know if you have ever been to a long table dinner and what you thought of it!

xx Mariandel

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