Hi guys! Hope you’ve been well!

I know I’ve been a bit absent lately, but I had a bit to figure out for myself (which is still ongoing but I thought I had to get out of my cave anyway) plus a holiday back home which was pretty amazing.

But even though I needed a bit of a break, it always keeps pulling me back. I just love being online, Instagram, Facebook and here it’s the thing that’s just for me and where I can truely be myself.
So, I did not write a blogpost about a DIY myself but I found a really nice one I’m definitely going to try out soon (I’ll show the results on Instagram like usual) which is how to easily embroider a line or word onto a piece of clothing. And I always like to do a little shoutout to cool websites.

I found the DIY on Me and Mr Jones (which is awesome btw check the whole site out if you can!) and you can click here for the full description.

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