Since it’s all the craze at the moment, and I have been obsessed with houseplants for a while now I thought why not write a little blog about how to keep our green friends happy?

Just to be clear, I’m no horticulturalist and would never pretend to be, but I do have a fair amount of experience and read a lot about plants so I’ll gladly share my knowledge with you.

After the houseplant hype in the 70s/80s, monsteras weren’t regulars in the modern household anymore. But since a few years everyone has at least one houseplant thriving (or not so much) in their abode.

About this plant

Monstera deliciosa, or also know as swiss cheese plant, split leaf philodendron or fruit salad plant is easily recognised by it’s big green glossy leaves with splits and holes in them. It’s natural habitat are the tropical rain forests in southern Mexico and central America. While it rarely flowers indoors, outdoors it can produce an edible fruit that is said to taste like a fruit salad, hence the name.

Where to keep

Monstera plants like normal indoor temperatures (20 to 30 degrees celsius) and thrive on high humidity and and filtered, indirect light. In a warmer climate like with us in Australia, you can also grow them outdoors in a more shaded location. If it gets too much sunlight, the light may burn and scorch the leaves. But not enough light might result into it not developing many holes and slits in the leaves.

Care and planting

Plant the Monstera in a well draining soil in a pot with drainage holes in the bottom. In it’s natural habitat, the monstera is a climbing plant and will with age develop air roots to cling to trees. So you should provide your plant with a moss pole or trellis where it can climb up to.

Only water when the soil feels dry, it is a good idea to stick your finger in there and if it feels dry about a finger in, then water. You can give the Monstera standard liquid fertiliser about once a month during the spring and summer growing season.

When the Monstera outgrows it’s old pot, (about every two years) repot in a pot that’s a few inches larger and deeper than the old one.



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