Søstrene Grene – Interior spring collection 2017

Ever since I first took a step into the Søstrene Grene shop in Groningen, I was in love with all of their products. They’re trendy, in style and extremely affordable.

Now they’ve launched their Interior collection for this spring and It might be the best yet, inspired by Parisian decadence and Scandinavian minimalism they created a line in which every item is a musthave <3


Decorating on a budget: clothes rack

Hi guys!

Everyone one who knows me, knows my love for interior decorating and bargains. So this blogpost will be no surprise for those of you! 😀

I went to IKEA today with mr.googel to return something and of course I couldn’t resist but to have a little look in the ‘AS IS’ area. Which is close to the registers so I didn’t have to do the whoooole round through the shop to get there #ikeahack (meer…)

Faunascapes by WhatWeDo

Faunascapes by whatwedoFaunascapes is yet another great design by Copenhagen based architect and designer couple Hanne & Tobias Scheel Mikkelsen. Since 2008 they worked together on several projects in spatial design, graphic design, visual identity and more.

As studio WhatWeDo they represent Studio snowpuppe, Zooperpets, Future days and Danish art print.

Faunascapes by whatwedo

When they contacted me for a collaboration, of course I immediately said ‘YES’! With my love for beautiful prints and animals I already spotted them numerous times on social media.

So, not only good news for me but also for you. Because I can give away any (paper) poster you like, in any size you like! How to enter? Follow me @googelsenvoozels and @faunascapes on Instagram. Go to the comment section below and leave a comment or leave one on Instagram. For more chance to win, do both! (only open for Dutch followers, sorry!) Giveaway open until May 30th.

Oh and if you can’t wait and want to buy a poster now, click here for the Etsy shop.FaunascapePostersCombo

Must see: Vacht van vilt

Heeeeeeello you guys!

I’m very exited about this brand, because I’ve been looking for something like this for quite a while. What? Cruelty free sheepskin rugs! Yes you heard it, there’s actually no one killed in the process of making this rug. And that’s Ah-mahzing! As far as I know Vacht van vilt is the only one in Holland that makes them this way, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Vacht van vilt schapenvacht

Because they buy their shaved sheepskins at the farmers themselves, they get to see whether sheep are treated well or not.

Vacht van vilt schapenvacht

The wool is washed with organic olive soap and everything is handmade, from the felt under layer till the top layer that is felted on the bottom layer. That is a lot of manual labour! After it’s done, every rug gets its own stamp and number so no two rugs are the same.                       Also, you can get a rug in every size you need…they make it up to 3 by 3 meters!

Vacht van vilt schapenvacht

If you want to take a look at the rugs, they’re for sale at Springers interieur and the shop Leef located in Meppel. But if you like to buy them now, you can do that on the vachtvanvilt website.

PS: If you want to use your sheepskin, never ever show it to your cat…#lostmysheepskintomykittykat

Love, Mariandel

Vacht van vilt schapenvacht Vacht van vilt schapenvacht


Ogreen clean machines

Past weekend I got to know an awesome new brand that’s all about making our homes/offices/living spaces better and healthier. Meet Ogreen. With their range of gorgeous indoor plants they intend to make the spaces we stay in a better healthier ánd prettier environment.

Ogreen clean machines

Did you know:

  • Our indoor environment is 2 to 5 times more toxic than our outdoor environment?
  • Not all green plants purify air?
  • That air purifying plants increase the employee activity?
  • That there are lots of chemicals we breathe in everyday like:
  • Formaldehyde (from glued joins, chipboard, surfacing materials, paint, ceiling tiles, floor coverings, etc.)
    Acetone (from cosmetics, people and animals)
    Ammonia (from glued joins, chipboard, surfacing materials, paint, ceiling tiles, floor coverings, etc.)
    Benzene (from glues, wallpaper, photocopying machines, tobacco smoke, paint, floor coverings, etc.)
    Xylene-toluene (from glues, wallpaper, photocopying machines, paint, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, etc.)
    Alcohols (from glues, wallpaper, photocopying machines, paint, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, etc.)

Enough now, fact is than Ogreen sells really good looking plants for a really good price! They have one for every room. Form 10m2 untill 30m2 and if you need more just put two in your huge room. They clean the air by taking in the co2 and giving you oxygen back! I’ve got the Superb and it’s in my bedroom. Don’t know if it’s true but I really feel the air in my bedroom is better, and in some way smells nicer in there too.

Ogreen clean machinesSo, if you would like to know more about Ogreen or get your own ‘clean machine’ visit the Ogreen website.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just really like what this brand is trying to do and as I’m in a lot of classrooms for work i know how awful it gets when you have to be there for 8 hours. Hope they get these plants everywhere!

Love Mariandel

Normann Copenhagen: form miniature

Hi guys, got a little sneak peek for you!

Do you know Normann Copenhagen? Well, I’m a huuuge fan of their brand and would love to pretty much own everything they make. So when I got this teeny tiny miniature Form chair in the mailbox, I was just jumping with joy because of al the cuteness!!

Normann Copenhagen miniature Norm chair

Not only did they make the beautiful Form chair into a miniature (say what?!), they also thought about the shopping bag, poster and flyer! *Taking of my imaginary hat* to you Normann Copenhagen….wow.

Normann Copenhagen miniature Norm chair

The big form chair was a graduation project by Simon Legald in 2012 when he graduated from the Royal Danish academy of fine arts. Since then, it took three years to develop the form series and has become one of the most popular products from Normann copenhagen.

Normann Copenhagen miniature Norm chair

The miniature chairs come with armrests or without and in the colours: white, grey, black, green, blue and red. They’re a 1/6 model of the real chairs.

Normann Copenhagen miniature Norm chair Normann Copenhagen miniature Norm chair

So anyway, if you’re a chair lover like me. But haven’t got the space to put any (more), you can always fill up the shelves and window sills with these cuties.

Love M.

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