New in: Puik Art clock ‘Clork’

Lover of Dutch design as I am, I fell in love with the beautiful clock named ‘clork’ (cork+clock) by Ilias Ernst for Puik Art.

PuikArt Clork Ilias Ernst

Let me tell you a little bit about Puik Art. Puik Art is a brand that works together with young Dutch designers to create awesome products, concepts and interiors. They want to tell the story behind the products you see in magazines, like what happens after the product being a prototype? And how and where is it made?.. I really like knowing some background info about a product I buy so for me that’s definitely a plus!

PuikArt Clork Ilias Ernst

The cork that ‘clork’ is made of is cut from a massive piece of cork, and the shape is finished by hand. So a real Dutch designed, handmade product! And it comes in two varieties, a natural cork coloured one and this one in black.

As Ilias Ernst says on his website: “Time rolls on, but once in a while you need to stand still. Clork does not present a full circle, it has an edge that stabilizes you for the moment.”

If you want to buy something pretty from Puik Art, from today (June 19th) you can buy their products at the Bijenkorf! For the Puik Art website click HERE.

PuikArt Clork Ilias Ernst

New collection Uashmama

Yesterday I went to the press event to present Uashmama’s(pronounce as ‘washmama’) new collection, organized by Moes & Griet. They’re the distributeur of Uashmama to the Benelux.


It took place in Hotel not hotel, and awesome hotel/hostel (i’m not even sure) which had rooms made out of old tram carts or hidden behind bookcases. It was the perfect setting for Uashmama.Uashmama

Moes & Griet told us a little bit about the process of making Uashmama paper. And that’s pretty much the same way as leather is treated and that’s why it has the texture it has. It’s made without any chemicals and also the colouring is only done with natural dyes. And it’s made from 100% natural fibers, coming from trees they grow especially for this purpose and the same they use for making or regular paper.

I loved seeing everything! Always loved their paper bags, just to put a little plant in or pens or whatever you want. But now they have backpacks too, and aprons and and…it was lovely and I wish I could’ve bought everything hihi!

Some more pictures for you to enjoy:UashmamaUashmamaUashmama
Love M.

Thrift shop gems

Ever since I was young I love to go to flea markets, thrift shops etc. Queens day was (is) the highlight of my year, that’s the day we celebrate the queen’s ‘birthday'(now it’s a king and therefor called Kings day). And besides dressing up in orange, drinking beer and partying there’s also the tradition for the biggest flea market ever! Loooove it!

Anyway, I still visit the local thrift stores regularly and sometimes I find amazing things. My thrift gems as I call them. One of these gems is an old school map of Scandinavia. Saw them many times on Pinterest or Instagram but never found one myself (except for really expensive ones, and me as a bargain hunter just couldn’t pay that for it). So when I found this one I could jump with joy, and guess how much it was? Only 5 euros! (O-M-G)

It’s not in a perfect state, and the person who owned it before me tried to fix it with duct tape (why?!!?) so had to peel that off first and taped it with proper tape.
I looove how it’s hanging above my couch, don’t you?…

Wishlist #2

Volgende maand ben ik jarig en omdat ik op het moment zelf nooit weer wat ik nu moet vragen ben ik al een tijdje bezig met mijn wensenlijstje. Het zijn vaak dingen die ik zelf te duur vind om te kopen, of gewoon geen goed excuus voor kan vinden haha! 😉 / Next month is my birthday and because of that, i’m already working on a wishlist because usually I forget what I wanted as my bithday comes closer. Often there are things on there that I just find too expensive, or jsut can’t think of a good enough reason to buy it haha! 😉

1. Lego box skull 2. Droog sticky lamp 
3. Hay DLM table 4. and still the Hay LUP

Wishlist #1

Ik heb een wishlist, een lijst van dingen die ik graag zou willen hebben maar die op dit moment onbereikbaar/onbetaalbaar zijn.
Maar ooit, ooit heb ik dit allemaal! Heb ik het perfecte pinterest huis!
Haha grapje, dat perfecte huis zal er nooit komen. Daar ben ik gewoon niet netjes genoeg voor…

Maar hier dan een collage van mijn vier meest recente interieur wensen:

(links boven dan met de klok mee: Andy Warhol poster, Eames stoelen, Apothekerskast, en HAY kandelaar/ Left and with the clock: Andy Warhol poster, Eames chairs, Apothecary cabinet, and HAY candle holder)

I have a wishlist, with items I would love to have but that are at the moment just unattainable/unaffordable.
But one day, one day i’ll own them! And then i’ll have the perfect pinterest house too!
Just kidding, that state of perfection will never be mine. I’m just too messy for that.

Love m.

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