Christmas table setting on a budget

Hi guys!

I know, I’m super late with my Christmas post to be honest I haven’t been focused on my blog for ages because of things that are happening in my life (all good things though, no need to worry!).

Plus it’s pretty hard to get in the Christmas mood when it’s like 40 degrees outside….nice to have some sun, but it is not right to not have the need for scarfs and gloves in December.

Plant obsession: DIY terrarium

So, lately I’ve been a teeny tiny bit plant obsessed (forget the teeny tiny, I’m a BIG bit obsessed). And I’ve been trying to buy more and more plants for our house, because you know it’s healthy for you and stuff. 🙂DIY your own terrarium


5 DIY’s with pallets

Doing a DIY with pallets is a really cheap and eco friendly way to make your own awesome furniture. Pallets are often used and then put on the side of the road as trash. Where we can pick them up and give them a new live, as a beloved part of our interior or exterior.

Like this daybed for example, isn’t it gorgeous? And by the looks of it, it’s suuuper easy! Just put some pallet down and pillows on top and BOOM you’ve got yourself a perfect hideaway from that busy outside world.DIY pallet daybed (meer…)

5 DIY’s with wood

While I’m still waiting to hear anything about the house we lodged an application for, I’m browsing Pinterest for inspiration. And because I love making things myself plus the fact that my finances aren’t in the best state at the moment, (Moving to another country is not good for your savings account) I like to browse through the ‘DIY’ section.

Here are five DIY’s I found that are made with wood. I’m sooo gonna try all of these when I get a place of my own! (I can’t do anything with the place we’re staying at the moment, it’s quite dark, woody and colourful. Sorry in-laws!)

Anyway, let me know if you like them too. And don’t forget to show me when you made one of these!

Love, M

5 DIY's of woodWooden magazine stand by Passionshake (meer…)

Christmas DIY, tree wall hanger

Sooooo, I know it’s almost Christmas. And you might not have enough time to finish this DIY before that. BUuuuT in my defense, I had to get used to my new surroundings and didn’t have much headspace left to think about blogging..(still don’t, to be honest) But here is another DIY just before Christmas, and you know what? It would still look cool after Christmas too.

You will need:

* Transfer paper for fabric
* Printer
* wooden slats
* Some kind of fabric (I used linen)
* Magnetic tape
* Screws with little eyes on them
* Some rope/twine to hang it with

DIY tree wall hanger (meer…)

DIY eucalyptus wall hanger

Almost time for me to go and fly off to see my love in Australia, but before that I have this cute little(as in easy, not little at all) DIY for you made with eucalyptus..(you see what I did there? A DIY with the Australian national tree? ;)) Haha sorry guys, I thought that was very clever of myself. Anyway, even if you don’t like Australia or anything eucalyptus smells soooo good when you have it just hanging around somewhere. First night I had it in my room I had a little cold, and felt so much better with it. No need for vapo rub!
DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas (meer…)

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