DIY eucalyptus wall hanger

Almost time for me to go and fly off to see my love in Australia, but before that I have this cute little(as in easy, not little at all) DIY for you made with eucalyptus..(you see what I did there? A DIY with the Australian national tree? ;)) Haha sorry guys, I thought that was very clever of myself. Anyway, even if you don’t like Australia or anything eucalyptus smells soooo good when you have it just hanging around somewhere. First night I had it in my room I had a little cold, and felt so much better with it. No need for vapo rub!
DIY eucalyptus hanger for Christmas (meer…)

Christmas DIY bottle brush trees

Tried this DIY last year’s Christmas already, but I sort of stopped at the ‘oh they’re white now’ part. And never finished for some reason. (Not totally unusual for me, I tend to start projects but finishing is not my strongest suit)

Anyway, with Christmas sort of around the corner. The shops are filling up with decorations. You know those Lemax tiny little houses and shops with which you can make this whole Christmas village? Well they have miniature ‘bottle brush’ Christmas trees too and those you need for this DIY.

So some of those, some bleach and food colouring (or some other sort of colouring, apparently even cool-aid works too) is all you need for this.

First you put some bleach in a jar/glass/something else. And hang the trees in there upside down. Within a few seconds you see it starting to lose it’s green colour. Wait until you think they lost all their colour then rinse really well. (try not to get bleach on your hands/face/clothes like me. It hurts!)
DIY bottle brush Christmas trees


DIY advent calendar

I don’t know what it is, but the thought about Christmas always makes me want to do loads of crafting projects. Every free moment I have I spend on making something. Possibly because I know I probably won’t be able to do so for the first few weeks in Australia. (or want to for that matter, it’s hot and sunny…doesn’t feel like Christmas at all) Today I would like to share this advent calendar DIY with you. Sadly I didn’t make any photos while I was making it, but it’s easy as so you won’t have any trouble reproducing it. DIY advent calendar


Christmas DIY Advent candles

This Sunday will be the first day of advent (always the Sunday nearest to November 30th), one of the four Sundays until Christmas. Advent is the time to celebrate light in the midst of darkness. (didn’t make that up myself, obviously) And I thought it would be nice to make something to count down the weeks until Christmas, and what better to use for a countdown than candles? Every Sunday you light the next candle until all of them are burned..and then….CHRISTMAS!

So, this is pretty easy. Just take a jar you like and fill it up with moss (I had loads of moss left from my Kokedama project) then put a candle in. Make sure it’s nice and tightly hold by the moss, we don’t want any candles falling over while burning.

Advent candle diy christmas


Christmas DIY – decorate your cat 101

Today in Christmas DIY’s: how to decorate your cat… Of course I’m kidding. I was a little bored and bought these pipe cleaners yesterday at Sostrene Grene in Amsterdam but didn’t know what to do with it… Wait what, is that a cat who doesn’t mind getting dressed up? Meet Balou, my old and handsome friend. He pretty much sleeps all day and doesn’t mind waking up for a photo or two with a halo on his head. 😉

So yeah, here it is… A halo and antlers made out of pipe cleaners. Enjoy!

Oh, and for a more serious Christmas DIY check out these clay stars.


Christmas DIY clay stars

While browsing through my favourite source of inspiration aka Pinterest, I saw a lot of DIY’s with air drying clay. And then when I saw some clay in the store I knew I had to bring it home and make something.

Since I am already so much into the Christmas mood it had to be something ‘Christmassy’. So, after digging in my DIY boxes in the attic I found a star cookie cutter and thought of a cute and simple diy to do with it. Clay Christmas stars! (meer…)

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