Christmas DIY star

The weather is getting colder, it’s near the end of november and the first Christmas songs are playing on the radio. For some of you still waaay to early to be thinking of Christmas, but I’m getting into the mood. The DIY mood to be exact. I spend hours on Pinterest just looking for the perfect christmas decorations and DIY’s. While I’m not loving the day of Christmas itself, the path leading up to it I do. (meer…)

DIY feather headband

Going to a festival this summer? Then this is the perfect DIY for you!

A bohemian feather headband, super easy to make and takes only a tiny bit of sewing…which is nice, cause I’m not the best sower in the world (understatement). But I guarantee you can do this.

DIY feather headband


Tekstposter + DIY poster holder

Hi guys, from tekstposter I received this cute ‘I love you to the moon and back’ a4 poster.

DIY wall poster hangerI was recently cleaning up my tiny apartment and I found this old scrabble game with which I was planning to do a DIY a loooong time ago but never did. (meer…)

DIY Toothpaste

Lately I’ve been trying to live a healthier live. After watching some documentaries about all the crap we put in our bodies I was inspired to eat healthier and also use cosmetics that have a lesser impact on the body than some of the widely used products do.

DIY toothpaste

There’s a lot of controversy out there about fluoride in toothpaste, i’m not sure what to believe about it. But that’s not the only tricky ingredient used in our daily toothpaste so I did some research to make my own.


It’s super easy, you only need coconut oil, baking soda and some peppermint oil(organic) and some jar to keep it in.

The measurements  are:

2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon of baking soda
25-30 drops of peppermint oil

Combine all the ingredients together in a jar and that’s it! It might take some time getting used to it, I know for me it did! It is way saltier dan I was used to and less foamy. But now I love it! And i’m so happy that i’m putting less harmful stuff in my mouth.

DIY toothpaste DIY toothpaste


Have a happy day!
Love M.

DIY rotary tray

Do you know the Rotary tray from vitra?
I love it but since i’m on an financial diet even 45 euros for something is too much. But then an idea popped in my head and I had to visit the local thrift shop, like now!

I bought a big plate, a smaller bowl and something that could have been a tiny mug or an egg cup or something for €1,40 and went to work.

DIY rotary tray

The only thing you need is a glue piston or some other glue that is capable of glueing ceramics.


Don’t forget to put a piece of paper underneath the glue gun if you take a break, there might be a little bit of glue left and drip out on something!


First glue the smaller piece upside down on the bigger plate.

DSC_1969DIY rotary tray

Then add the bowl and voila you’re done already!

What do you think about it?

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