Project REM – sleepwear with a cause

If you’re a woman, you know getting you’re period is never an enjoyable time. We get cramps, maybe migraine and you have to deal with sanitary products which aren’t always what those nice commercials want us to believe.

But what if you don’t have access to sanitary products? That would be even worse right? That’s where you can help to make a difference, and you can do that by purchasing a pyjama from Project REM. (meer…)

Wannahaves: Jord wood watches

Hellooooo guys!

Ugh, I’ve been so tired lately. Probably because of the weather here (It’s been the coldest August and September in 50 years or something, lucky me!) but, it’s getting better as from yesterday so hopefully the sunshine will give me back some of my inspiration. (meer…)

When I grow up #8


Vandaag is het weer tijd voor een als ik later groot ben post, dit keer eentje die bijna elke vrouw wel wil…een inloopkast.
Heerlijk al je kleding netjes en overzichtelijk in een ruimte! Ik word er nu al blij van…zucht, later…als ik groot ben…
En zoals altijd, weer wat inspiratie in foto’s.

Today it’s time again for some ‘when I grow up’ inspiration. I think this is something most woman can relate to, a walk-in closet. 
Should be so nice to have your clothes all neat and uncluttered in one space….I’m getting excited already…sigh…when I grow up…
And, as usual, some inspirational photos.

Source: Via, Via, Via and Via.