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Hello! It’s been a while because of the holidays and my boyfriend is finally here from Australia!

So lately just enjoying each other’s company and having loads of meetings with friends and family…
While we were joking the other day I said to him that I love him more that Instagram, we both giggled and said I should make a quote out of that… So here it is. Feel free to repost etc… 

DIY advent candle

Hello there!

Yes yes another Christmas DIY, try to get used to it…there’s more to come 😛
This is a DIY which I saw on Instagram from @lisannevandeklift (link is to het blog with the diy on it) she made a better picture anyway, and because I didn’t read the diy on her blog but just started. I didn’t even know there were markers for candles! So I ruined one by trying haha!

Anyway, super easy. Measure your candle and divide by 24…and put a number at every few cm/mm.

Advent calendar

Hi all!
I’m in full on christmas DIY mode!
Already have lights everywhere and even a tiny Christmas tree. Last week I made this advent calendar, the front is numbered from one to 18th of december and the back (which is not quite ready, still have to get more presents) had the other 6 days on it with bags with presents in it. The front is for me, with cute cards and inspirational quotes. And the back if for my love, who arrives the 18th!

xx M


Hi guys!

I’m having a problem with blogger, every time I try to respond to some of the comments you make I keep getting an error code. Does anyone know how to fix that?
I tried the blogger help forum but no good answer…

xx M

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