(New years) Resolutions

Spending less money, that has always been an issue for me.. I have, how we say in Dutch “a hole in my hand”. I love to go out and buy new stuff, and that’s not limited to one thing…noooo I love buying clothes, jewelry, shoes, crafting stuff, tools…and interior stuff….

lightbox with text about new years resolutions



Hi guys!

I know I have been absent for a while, but I was so freaking busy with work I just couldn’t do anything besides it.. I did try to keep posting on Instagram, that only takes a few minutes, and don’t really have to think about it. So to make it a little bit up to you for not writing as much and for the ones who aren’t on Instagram, here’s a collage of my most recent photos, enjoy! xx M

Thrift shop gems

Ever since I was young I love to go to flea markets, thrift shops etc. Queens day was (is) the highlight of my year, that’s the day we celebrate the queen’s ‘birthday'(now it’s a king and therefor called Kings day). And besides dressing up in orange, drinking beer and partying there’s also the tradition for the biggest flea market ever! Loooove it!

Anyway, I still visit the local thrift stores regularly and sometimes I find amazing things. My thrift gems as I call them. One of these gems is an old school map of Scandinavia. Saw them many times on Pinterest or Instagram but never found one myself (except for really expensive ones, and me as a bargain hunter just couldn’t pay that for it). So when I found this one I could jump with joy, and guess how much it was? Only 5 euros! (O-M-G)

It’s not in a perfect state, and the person who owned it before me tried to fix it with duct tape (why?!!?) so had to peel that off first and taped it with proper tape.
I looove how it’s hanging above my couch, don’t you?…

When I grow up #8


Vandaag is het weer tijd voor een als ik later groot ben post, dit keer eentje die bijna elke vrouw wel wil…een inloopkast.
Heerlijk al je kleding netjes en overzichtelijk in een ruimte! Ik word er nu al blij van…zucht, later…als ik groot ben…
En zoals altijd, weer wat inspiratie in foto’s.

Today it’s time again for some ‘when I grow up’ inspiration. I think this is something most woman can relate to, a walk-in closet. 
Should be so nice to have your clothes all neat and uncluttered in one space….I’m getting excited already…sigh…when I grow up…
And, as usual, some inspirational photos.

Source: Via, Via, Via and Via.

Woonbeurs 2014

Gistermiddag, op mijn verjaardag. Ben ik naar de woonbeurs geweest. De woonbeurs is elk jaar in de RAI in Amsterdam en is een festijn aan inspiratie!
Ik heb vooral veel foto’s gemaakt dus geniet!

Yesterday, on my birthday. I went to the woonbeurs. The woonbeurs is returning every year in the Amsterdam RAI and it’s a fair for interior inspriation!
I took a lot of photos, so enjoy!