Offline is the new black – unplugging

Going offline, it’s all the hype right now to go a day/week or longer without your smartphone glued to your hands. I have to say, I hate and love it at the same time. I love not having the ‘burden’ of having to answer calls, messages and check out what happened on social media but I also really enjoy those things and I like being in touch with my loved ones on the other side of the world. (meer…)

Wannahaves: wishlist Oktober 2016

Oh yeah, here’s a wishlist again. This time it’s my Oktober one and I’ve been eyeing these items for a while now and I really really like and want them!

Left top corner: Big mirror, you know for selfies and stuff. Plus it makes your house looks heaps bigger! And might add a bit more light in this very dark house of ours. Source: VT wonen

Top right: The well known Stendig calendar. I’ve loved this ever since they started. It’s hard to get here, but also three times as expensive as in Europe (and there it’s not cheap either!) and because it’s an annual thing, I can’t bring myself to buy it. source: Le blog de Bea

Wishlist september 2016 Left bottom: Pilea or Chinese money plant. Due to quarantine rules being so strict here in Western Australia, they’re practically impossible to get… 🙁  Keeping my fingers crossed though, found a company that sells them over east and they’re trying to get them over here. source: all items loaded

Right bottom: Some statement slippers, I love the Rihanna x Fenty for puma ones (pretty much sold out everywhere, on ebay available for double the price meh!) but on my search for them I saw heaps of different kinds of statement slippers and now I’m confused and don’t know which ones (I want them all!) to get. source: we heart it

That’s all on my wishlist for this month, see you next time!

Love M.

Wannahaves: Jord wood watches

Hellooooo guys!

Ugh, I’ve been so tired lately. Probably because of the weather here (It’s been the coldest August and September in 50 years or something, lucky me!) but, it’s getting better as from yesterday so hopefully the sunshine will give me back some of my inspiration. (meer…)

Sunday breakfast, two ingredient banana pancakes

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I’m not sure if that’s really true but it is one of my favourite meals of the day anyway. I love me some good breakfast, preferably warm and if I can I would like to make it a bit healthy too. So these pancakes are my go to on a lazy sunday morning when I got all the time in the world to make them.

Not sure where I saw these pancakes first, maybe through my cousin or somewhere on the amazing world of Pinterest but I’ve been making them for a while now and would love to share them with you here.

I hope you enjoy!

Love M. (meer…)

Upmarket September 2016

By now, the name Perth upmarket rings many bells with a lot of people interested in handmade goods and awesome food. Every two months you can find them at the campus of Crawley university and I can tell you, it’s goooood! (meer…)

Comparison is the thief of joy – and yet we all do it

Comparison is the thief of joy, I’ve heard that numerous times and I believe this to be true. But then why is it still do damn (excuse my french) hard to not do this?!

Especially when my self esteem is low, I will compare myself with anyone…about any little thing. My hair, my looks, what my house looks like…why don’t have I as many followers at that person? etc..

I’ve found myself doing this more and more lately and it’s making me, well not feel so good about myself really. ‘I can’t find a job, I am such a loser’ is one of those judgements going on in my mind and when I write this down I get so sad. Why talk/think about myself in such a way? I would never think something like that about someone else unable to find a job right?!

Kindness is what I need, from others, but especially from myself.

Be kind to yourself.

xo M


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