Decorating on a budget: clothes rack

Hi guys!

Everyone one who knows me, knows my love for interior decorating and bargains. So this blogpost will be no surprise for those of you! 😀

I went to IKEA today with mr.googel to return something and of course I couldn’t resist but to have a little look in the ‘AS IS’ area. Which is close to the registers so I didn’t have to do the whoooole round through the shop to get there #ikeahack (meer…)

August wish list: material girl

Hi guys! Just a nice materialistic topic for you today, my wish list this August! 😀

Everlasting favourite but extremely expensive over here: the Normann coopenhagen block table. Loooove this! It’s tiny, but looks so cute and pretty!Block table by Normann Copenhagen

Found on:

A throw made out of the biggest strings of wool evar! Look how gorgeous *heart eyes*
Extreme knitted throw


And of course the Adidas sneaker in white. I’m a little late on this trend and wonder if I might be too late? 😉wish list: adidas originals white


And a big big giant cactus. For some reason you can’t buy big cacti here or they’re a million dollars to do so. Really weird, it’s like a desert over here, you’d think they could grow these beauties!

wish list: big cactusBig big cactus by ?? Tried my hardest to find the owner of this photo but can’t seem to find the original…

That’s it! See you next time with another wish list!

xx M

Deep Tuesday #3

Hellooooo peeps!

It is Tuesday yet again and that means it is time for another ‘deep’ question about life. Please let me know if you even like these posts or if you think, ‘nah you could do something more interesting’.

The question of today is:

What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Only one? Do you have a minute?!…. I’m not sure if I should answer this in appearance or character but I think I’m going to character because that’s a little less confronting. XD (or is it?!)

I would like to change about myself….my lack of reaching my set goals. That sounds weird but I’m a person who is really good at being enthusiastic about and idea, making a plan, working it all out and then…..does not reach that goal. Sometimes because I’m not interested anymore and sometimes because it’s just the wrong timing but I wish I had more perseverance. I want so many things in life and I have a clear goals, but getting there is really really hard for me.

What would you like to change about yourself?

Fashion look with Juicy couture pants - life goals


Guilty pleasures

Yeah you read that right, I’m going to tell you guys about my guilty pleasure. I’m a little bit embarrassed about it, but I want to be honest..and who knows maybe there’s someone who share my GP with me :’)

Ok, here it comes…lately I’ve been addicted to……

Watching youtube vlogs

There, it is out there. I love watching the daily vlogs of beauty/fashion bloggers. For some really boring but for me highly entertaining. I will show a few I’m following below the text and PLEASE let me know if I’m alone in this or not?!

She’s hilarious…and sorry only in Dutch! I just realized I only now a few in Dutch, not one in English SORRY! Please drop the name of someone who is cool to follow in Aus or anywhere else!

xx M


Deep Tuesday #2

Hi guys! Time for a new deep Tuesday question! But first, a little update on my life. I still don’t have a job, I’m looking and sending/handing out resumes EVERY day but nothing. A friend said that her HR department received 200+ applications on one opening though so that’s probably why and not just because I’m skilled at NOTHING! The rest is fine, little frustrated because I want to continue with my home decorating but don’t want to spend too much money since I’m not making very much either 😀 (meer…)

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