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To do: Shopping in Münster

Some time ago I went on a daytrip to Münster, Germany. No reason, just because we could. (it was when Nic was still over here and I wanted to show him a little bit more of Europe) It’s pretty close, just 2,5 hours max and boom! you’re in Germany.

The first shop I saw when stepping outside of the parking garage was this one, called One day in Copenhagen. Sadly I couldn’t find any link or adress but I’m pretty sure it was in a street called Rothenburg.
Shopping in Munster


To do: Snorfestival 2015

A few weeks ago the lovely Iris from the blog Enigheid had a contest on her Instagram account to win tickets for snorfestival. Of course I entered, I’ve read and heard about the festival for some time now but never got the chance to go (plus that it’s quite the drive for me). But yeah, I won the tickets (yay!) and took my sweet blogger in crime Lotte van der Wiel with me to check it out!foto (meer…)

To do: 7Vignettes

Every month I try to join in a new #7vignettes challenge, created by Jen Bishop from Interiorsaddict. It’s a 7 day challenge with words she makes up and you have to make a still life, or vignette out of it. I love to join the vignette team because it’s not too long, just 7 days. And it’s a real challenge to put some of the words in a picture.

April’s words were:

1. Blush
2. Bloom
3. Light
4. Soft
5. Easter
6. Weave
7. Gold

Here are the photos I made for this months challenge:

FullSizeRender (7)







Hope you liked them!

xx M